August 2021 Donation - Philly Bully Team

Our donation for August went to the Philly Bully Team. They are a great organization that saves a lot of lives. Here is some information about them:

Our initiative will start off as being foster based. Because of all the rescues we have worked with in the past, we already have several dedicated and proven foster homes. We will pull “Time Stamped” (Dogs that are to be euthanized for medical and/or behavioral/or space reasons) from Philadelphia’s Animal Control team. We will provide any kind of medical and behavioral aftercare that these dogs may need. We will asses their temperament and personalities within their foster homes and work diligently to place these discarded dogs into loving and compatible forever homes.

Also, as we always have done, we will answer community calls regarding stray or abandoned dogs. We will also take those dogs in, get them the care they need, and find them their new homes. Philly Bully Team also plans to be heavily involved in the community. Our first order of business would be to join the No Kill Coalition of Philadelphia. This newly established coalition serves the purpose of counseling current dog owners who may want to keep their dogs, but may need resources to do so, as well as working toward making Philadelphia a No-Kill city by placing all healthy animals into

Philly Bully Team is looking to establish a 501c3 in order to raise funds from the public to cover basic and emergency medical care for all dogs within our care, purchasing of any and all food, training supplies, toys etc, and to eventually open a full adoption facility. We hope that you are able to help us in our diligent crusade to help save Philadelphia’s pitbulls (and all animals!).